Bet365 Merit Points

Merit Points are the heart and soul of Bet365 Poker bonus offers. They are used to both clear the opening sign up bonus and to advance through various VIP program tiers. Those reaching certain levels of VIP status can use these points towards clearing reload bonuses and can also redeem the Merit Points for cash.

On this page we’ll cover only how Bet365 Poker Merit Points are earned. For their uses please refer to both our Bet365 Poker Bonus and our Bet365 VIP Program Pages.

Earning Bet365 Merit Points through Ring Game Play

At all real money ring game tables Merit Points are earned based on the following chart:

Bet365 Merit Points

Earning Bet365 Merit Points through Tournament Buy-ins

For each dollar spent on tournament entry fees (For example a $20+$2 tournament has a $2 entry fee) a player earn between 15 and 35 Merit Points, which is determined by VIP tier as illustrated below.

VIP 1 = 15 Merit Points
VIP 2 = 18 Merit Points
VIP 3 = 21 Merit Points
VIP 4 = 25 Merit Points
VIP 5 = 30 Merit Points
VIP 6 = 35 Merit Points

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